Hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy or hypnotic, is a state of consciousness involving focused attention characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.  Being hypnotized is usually characterized by; (a) concentration, (b) relaxation, (c) suggestion, and (d) expectation.


We are going to explore - and expose - the Truth and Lies of hypnosis.  Does it work?  Or, is it just a placebo effect?  LieBusters will investigate!


Hypnosis Doesn't Work:  For most people, hypnosis does work.  There are some cases where the person will not  be open to any suggested ideas and advice - therefore it will not work for them.  A majority of people who try it have really good things to say about their experience.


Hypnosis Will Allow Me to Move Mountains:  Hypnosis works in a part of the mind that allows you to be open to suggestions that are realistic and designed around your goals.  It will not give you superhuman powers!


Hypnosis Will Make Me Vulnerable:  When you hear the word hypnosis, you may picture the mysterious hypnotist figure popularized in movies, comic books and television.  This ominous, goateed man waves a pocket watch back and forth, guiding his subject into a semi-sleep, zombie-like state.  Once hypnotized, the subject is compelled to obey, no matter how strange or immoral the request. Muttering "Yes, master," the subject does the hypnotist's evil bidding.  This popular representation bears little resemblance to actual hypnotism, of course. In fact, modern understanding of hypnosis contradicts this conception on several key points.  Subjects in a hypnotic trance are not slaves to their "masters" -- they have absolute free will.


Hypnosis Therapy is Expensive:  Yes and No.  If you go to a hypnotist for a one-on-one session, it can be costly; what’s more, you’ll often need more than one session to see results.  A new approach is the Personal Recording, which is less expensive than going to a hypnotist, but still effective and customized to your specific needs.

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Hypnotist $100 + per session Expensive, time consuming, and usually require more than one session.
Personal Recording $0.99 each Recorded just for you.  You can listen to them when it's convenient for you.